Getting your Client Experience ready for the New Year!

By Jennifer Taylor, Taylor'd Events Group

When a potential client comes to your website, vendor listing, Facebook page, Instagram account, what are they experiencing?   Was there a process or procedure that needs to be updated to make the client experience better for next year?   What, if any automation can you add to your process.  What are your touchpoints through-out the planning process for your couple?   Finally, do you really need gifts?   Let’s get started!


Is your website up to date?   Do you have a place where they can link to your email or contact form?  Make sure your email address and phone number are on every page.  You never know when they want to reach out, make it easy for them.   Is your portfolio page up-to-date with new weddings?   Copy up to date?  All these things matter. 


Do you have your latest weddings and reviews?  Are you showing photos from weddings you have done that are your ideal client or portions that ideal to you?  You don’t have to show every wedding, be selective.  Do you have a way for them to reach out to you?  If I can’t find your email address on your Facebook page, then your client can’t either.  Remember to make sure you credit the photographer in all of the photos you do!

Process & Procedures

Was there a process that did not work for you or your clients?   Did you not follow up with potentials clients in a timely fashion, where you feeling overwhelmed in keeping up with the clients you had?  This is where processes and procedures come into play, where can you can you add in automation to your process to automatically send emails to clients to remind them to set up times for meetings, can you set up automation where your clients can look at your calendar and set up their own meetings with you?   Can you create a workflow for you on when you will be working on what client projects on what days?   This is the time to get it done!


How many times are you reaching out to your clients, after they hired you, do you disappear until they reach out to your, or are you touching base with them every few months.  We are being hired earlier and earlier, so keeping you top of mind with them is imperative.  Your clients have friends and family that could be getting married.  This is a huge client experience it is not much, but just reaching out and saying “Hi”


Touchpoint and gifts could be the same.   We actually implemented this and it helps with creating the client experience.  It does not need to be a huge gift, we give a notebook and a pen, and a mug.  Nothing huge, but it is fun to see your clients tag you when they receive the gift in the mail. 

I hope these tips have helped you start thinking about your current client experience and implement some of the tips above. 


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Preparing a Wedding Venue for the Off-Season

By Heather Jones, Wente Vineyards

Peak wedding season can seem like a blur, no matter how well-organized and energetic you are. If you are managing a venue that is in a constant state of turnover between amazing events, you may have to put some important business functions on the back burner until things slow down and you can catch your breath. Your off-season is the perfect opportunity to catch up, work on necessary projects and get your property and your team ready for the next wedding season to come.

Keep a List Year-Round

Throughout the year, as issues are brought to your attention that need to be addressed, keep them on a list so you can prioritize them during your off-season. I have an erasable white board with all of the projects I want to work on and add items all year. This allows my team and I to keep an eye on the things that need to be done and address them as soon as we can. There is such satisfaction in crossing something off of that list!

Make Administrative Updates

Take a look at all of your materials and refresh them if necessary. Contact vendors and ensure that you have current contact information. Sit down with your legal team for an annual contract review and adjust any clauses that you may have noticed needed tweaking.

Schedule Repairs and Property Updates

No matter how well-planned, repairs and construction can be highly disruptive during wedding season. No couple wants to work around your repair schedule on their big day. If the repairs can reasonably wait, schedule them during the off-season when they will least impact your clients and your events.

Refresh Your Online and Social Media Presence

Review your website and make any necessary adjustments – you want prospective clients to find accurate information and your carefully constructed message when they click through. Check your profiles on wedding sites. Upload new photos and respond to reviews so your clients know you care. Correct inaccurate information and add anything new and exciting that you want to share with the world.

Hold Tastings

It can be very difficult to pay the kind of attention your clients deserve when you’re knee-deep in back-to-back weddings. If possible, schedule menu and beverage tastings during slower periods when you can focus entirely on future events, and when you have the bandwidth to devote your attention on the couple on hand.

Meet with Your Team

Whether you set aside some meeting time in your office or go for an all-out retreat, take the time to review your past season with your team. Did you make any changes? Were they effective, or do you need to try something new. Did you show progress in areas that you measured? Set new goals and discuss new ideas in preparation for the coming year.

You can get so much more done for your venue when you’re not buried deeply in wedding season. Take advantage of the relative lull of your off-season and prepare your venue before the next big wave of weddings starts again.

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Ways to Get Organized in the Off-Season

By Kim Sayatovic, Belladeux Event Design

When event pros are in the thick of wedding season, taking stock of organizational systems is not a top priority, most of us are just trying to survive our way through it. But with the 2017 season finally starting to wind down a bit, it may be time to pause and start thinking about getting yourself and your business organized once again in preparation for the year ahead. So how do you do it? Take a look below at some of my favorite tips.

You’ve Got Mail

How does your inbox look these days? It’s easy to lose track of emails and find yourself wading through messages looking for a specific phone number or meal request from a couple. Take the time this off-season to go through your emails with a fine tooth comb and really declutter everything by creating new labels and folders that make sense for your workflow. Get rid of the stuff you no longer need, and try to get your inbox as close to zero as possible. 

Look at Your Setup

Your office tends to reflect the inner workings of your mind. So if you’re in a state of chaos and running around from place to place, then chances are your office looks that way too. It should really be a space that you’re happy to be in and can come to and know exactly where everything is and how it works. This is certainly easier said than done, and if things have gotten a little messy, now is the perfect opportunity to take a step back and look at it with a fresh pair of eyes. Do you need another filing cabinet? New binders, dividers, folders, etc? Whatever work for you, go out and get it. Perhaps it’s more about the space itself, and you want to add new curtains to give it some personality, or a new comfy office chair. Anything that is going to create a more inviting environment for you.   

Don’t Forget About Current Clients

The wedding industry never truly sleeps, so while you may not be as busy during the winter months, don’t forget about the clients you do have. Create a more streamlined process that will help you get as ahead as you can with any upcoming events. Project management systems that with to-do lists and automatic reminders are great for this, as well as having an organized written schedule if you prefer pen and paper. 

Grade Your Client Experience

Sit down and ask yourself, what’s it like to be my client? Are you quick when responding to emails or phone calls? Do you have a good relationship still with past clients? Do you do anything unique or special for clients? These are important questions to ask yourself at any point during the year, but having the extra time to really take a reflective look when it comes to the client experience can be very beneficial for you and your business. Identify any weak points and address the problem before the off-season ends and business starts to pick back up. 

Use this down time to your advantage, and you’ll be reaping the benefits before you know it!


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3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t HATE Accounting

By Michelle Loretta, Sage Wedding Pros

When you think about doing your business accounting do you:

  1. Sweat profusely.
  2. Swear profusely.
  3. Cry profusely.
  4. All of the above.

If you fall into any of the above, I know you. I see your struggles and I want to tell you this…

You need to find peace with your accounting.

Let’s shift the focus a bit. What if – instead of HATING accounting – you actually loved it? (Is that even possible?)

Here are reasons why you need to find love for the numbers of your business:

1. You don’t need to be an expert in accounting.

Part of the intimidation with accounting is the overwhelming thought of needing to know ALL THE THINGS. You don’t need a degree in accounting. (You have enough to do.) STOP trying to achieve perfection in this area.

You DO, however, need to understand how your numbers work. You need to have basic accounting knowledge so that you can be proactive about the financial decisions in your business.

2. Knowing your numbers helps you sell better.

There is something magical that happens when I watch a wedding professional begin to learn how accounting works… they SELL better. This business owner doesn’t cave when facing price pushback. They better understand why things are priced how they are – and they are better at explaining and educating potential clients.

There is a HUGE confidence that comes with understanding how cash flows in and out of your business. When you know what your dollars are doing, you’re not afraid to ask for the sale.

3. It’s NOT about the bookkeeping. It’s about measuring financial metrics!

Newsflash: bookkeeping is BORING. The benefit of bookkeeping doesn’t come from the tedious task of putting your expenses and sales into a spreadsheet or Quickbooks. 

“Data entry is so fun!” – said no one ever.

You do the data entry (the bookkeeping) to get ALL the FINANCIAL INFORMATION (eg: metrics). It’s this information – aka financial reports – that tell you how your business is doing. This is the only REAL way to measure whether your business is barely surviving or truly thriving. 

Numbers don’t lie.

What do you think? Starting to love accounting just a tad more? 

Join the finance love fest with me! Download the Sage Wedding Pros Monthly Accounting Checklist for easy-peasy ways to get your dollars in order.

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WeddingIQ welcomes guest posts from wedding professionals and industry experts on all topics relevant to running a wedding business. Please review our guest contributor guidelines and email us with your submissions!