Why You Aren't Attracting New Clients (And How to Fix It)

Sometimes it can seem like the clients are flooding in, whereas other times, you’re convinced your empty inbox is due to a faulty email account. Worry not—while it can feel discouraging, a dip in prospects can be overcome and is a timely sign to step up your business to its full potential.

Rest assured that, with the help of these solutions, you’ll be on your way to welcoming more clients to your business.

Define your dream client

Who is your perfect client? Are you marketing to them in the right ways? The more your brand speaks to the work you want to do, the more prospects you’ll begin to attract. Ask yourself what kinds of qualities your favorite clients have had in the past, whether it’s a communication style or shared design ideas. Chances are those characteristics make up your dream client.

Evaluate your brand

More often than not, prospects will find you online—is your brand turning them away? Dig into your digital presence to evaluate whether your brand really captures your style of work. How does it fit into that ideal client profile? Carve out time regularly to update your site and social media with new portfolio additions and keep your blog and press pages up to date.

Focus on creative partnerships

As you surely know, referrals are worth their weight in gold. With that in mind, place special consideration in building strong relationships with industry peers. In addition to being a team player and effective communicator throughout an event, think about ways to go above and beyond expectations with fellow event professionals. Staying on top of mind can be as simple as showing up at networking events or sending out a regular newsletter, but it can also be a chance to get creative. Create touch points to check in with others and let them know what your company is up to.

Try something new

If you’re not getting as many clients as you’d like, don’t be afraid to switch things up. Evaluate what is and isn’t working in your company and work with your team to discover new ways to generate leads. Avoid jumping into a full overhaul, though; instead, focus on one tactic at a time to see if anything works. Successful business owners often have a healthy dose of humility, so don’t get stuck in the trap of assuming you’re perfect. Recognize that you have room for improvement and take the time to figure out how you can take your business to the next level.

It’s worth noting that none of these strategies will help if your company is not delivering on its promises. New clients are exciting, but returning clients are the ultimate goal—retaining your new clients can only be achieved through quality customer service and a mindset of exceeding expectations. Let your work ethic speak for your company and your success will sell your services for you.

Kevin Dennis is the editor of WeddingIQ and the owner of Fantasy Sound Event Services, a full-service event company based in Livermore, California. Dennis is the past president for Silicon Valley NACE, and national vice president for WIPA.