When You Ask For Input, Be Clear About What You Want

WeddingIQ Blog - When You Ask for Input, Be Clear About What You Want

I’m thrilled to have received quite a few requests for advice/feedback lately, on all kinds of wedding industry issues.  (I wrote a little about my excitement here.)  I’ve had some wedding business owners whom I really like and respect contact me for help on a variety of topics, which is so gratifying.

It’s gotten me thinking, though, about how often that we ask others for advice, when advice isn’t exactly what we want or need.  I say we because I’m totally guilty of this.  Sometimes, we just want someone to commiserate with us about the difficulty, injustice or just plain suckiness of a situation.

Be cautious, though, when involving other people in that situation.  When you consult someone under the pretense of wanting honest advice, or when you post your issue to a message board or other forum, be prepared for a variety of responses, some of which may be the opposite of what you want to hear.  And for goodness’ sake, if what you want is a “Poor thing, that sucks!” then say that up front!  Nothing feels worse than laboring over a response to someone, often with specific suggestions, only to have that person blow it off.

Whew…with all of that said, I’d love to invite readers of WeddingIQ to submit ideas for posts, as well as any problems on which they could use some honest (public) feedback.  I promise to respect your confidentiality, and no private information will be revealed — I just would love to help other wedding business owners in a way that might have an even greater benefit to the industry at large.  Feel free to email me if you have a topic or concern you’d like to see explored on WeddingIQ.


Jennifer Reitmeyer

Jennifer Reitmeyer is the founder of WeddingIQ and the owner of MyDeejay, Firebrand Messaging, and Authentic Boss. She is also a WeddingWire Education Expert, a small business coach and a professional speaker on the event industry circuit.