What's In and What's Out in 2019

New year, new trends — thanks to the evolving preferences of engaged couples, the wedding industry is always changing and growing. As a wedding professional, it’s up to you to meet your clients’ needs and understand what is inspiring their vision. Keeping an eye on trends will keep you abreast of what’s hot and what’s not — that way, you are well prepared to present design ideas and inspiration that is fresh, trendy, and stylish. Here’s what industry experts have to say about what is up-and-coming, what is here to stay, and what is on the decline.


What’s on the rise

New metallics

“We are seeing more experimentation with mixed metallics, and a comeback of silver and chrome,” shares Vaishali Shah of Ananya Cards. “In particular when using darker colour palettes, silver highlights can be an effective way of lifting and elevating the look of stationery. We’re seeing a decrease in the focus on blush, rose gold, and brass, which have had a fantastic run over the last 12 months.”


Tasting menus

“The majority of foodie restaurants are loving tasting menus, and so are we,” expresses Hannah Martin of Goose & Berry. “With anything from five to 12 courses, this style of service is a great way to show not only an insight to a chef’s brilliant mind, but how it works, engaging the consumer to go on this journey with them. Long gone are the days where dining used to be about three courses, eating and leaving — food and service is becoming a show itself and we are ready and waiting for the next act.”

What’s sticking around

Rich foliage

“The love of bringing the outside in continues,” explains Jane Riddell of Planned for Perfection. “Lots of greenery and foliage to enhance the floral arrangements to create natural and romantic displays, which can include as little or as many flowers as you would like to suit the couple’s individual requirements.”


Lounge areas

“Living spaces are still on point,” says Amy Abbott of Amy Abbott Events. “Lounge and beautiful area rugs, ambient lighting and stylish coffee tables, where couples and their guests can sit together and enjoy the energy and all the love that is in the air.”


What’s on its way out

Plated dinners

“Traditional sit-down dinners are going away,” predicts Heather Jones of Wente Vineyards. “No more formally plated foods or huge passed platters. Buffet style gives guests the most variety, and food allergies are so prominent that it’s easier for guests to control what they’re being service.”

Old-school photo booths

“Simple photo booths are on their way out,” assures Kevin Dennis of Fantasy Sound Event Services. “Clients are now looking for Photo Booths that have more bells and whistles, whether it’s video, green screen, boomerang, GIFs — anything that is more interactive!”


Cupcake towers

“Cupcake towers have already been on a slippery slope in the past few years and will definitely be on their way out in 2019,” tells Rosalind Miller of Rosalind Miller Cakes. “They may be practical, but they are old fashioned and don’t provide the wow effect of an extravagant wedding cake and/or dessert table.”

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