WeddingIQ Retrospective: Why Competition Isn't a Bad Thing, Revisited

WeddingIQ Blog - Why Competition Isn't a Bad Thing, Revisited

(Editor's Note: In Kyle's and Jennifer's May 2015 post, "Why Competition Isn't a Bad Thing," we explained how the new hot focus in the wedding industry and other creative fields, that of #communityovercompetition, was both compelling and confusing. Today, Kyle looks back at our original article and shares her current thoughts.)

I don’t know when competition became a dirty word in our industry, but it has done nothing but help me define my business, strive to create better products and services, and serve as inspiration to constantly improve my technique. When I began my business, I spent hours poring over competitors' websites and blogs to research the local market, gain an understanding of pricing structures, then work to set myself apart and create a viable (and competitive) offering to potential clients.

At the same time, I have formed close bonds with fellow photographers who have enriched my business, given me referrals and offered endless support. They are also my competition and we often are creating proposals for the same couples. I don’t see this as a contradiction or a problem.  I see it as a challenge to do better next time or accept that my style or personality was not a good fit. I also share in my colleagues' success, as it will only net me future referrals and collaborations.

My advice remains to embrace your competition and use it as the force that propels your business to ever greater heights.

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