WeddingIQ Retrospective: Problem Vendor Series, Revisited

WeddingIQ Blog - WeddingIQ Retrospective: Problem Vendor Series, Revisited

(Editor's Note: Our monthlong series of flashbacks to our most relevant, relatable and (in some cases) controversial WeddingIQ posts of all time is almost done - today, Kyle looks back at the five posts we wrote in 2015 calling out problematic behaviors and practices among wedding vendors.)

We don’t always get to choose our A-Team. I would love to collaborate with my favorite vendors every weekend but, alas, sometimes I am forced to photograph among those that are less than professional and oftentimes make my job challenging. When I began my business, I naively thought my only job was to take great photos. Little did I know the political minefield I was entering, working as a cohesive team with vendors I had never met, to bring about such an important event for our clients.

I decided early on in my career to prioritize the importance of creating positive vendor relations. I set about to communicate with and meet as many colleagues as possible before the big day to avoid stress for all. I turns out this was easier said than done. Sometimes people just don’t play well with others, which is why we wrote our "Problem Vendor" series in five parts - we couldn’t just fit it all into one post, and we’ll probably continue to write on this subject as long as we’re in the industry. It amazes me the new and unique ways business try to undermine each other when we’re all supposed to work together. 

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