Training Your Staff to Make the Sale

WeddingIQ Blog - Training Your Staff to Make the Sale

As a small business owner, there will come a time when you need to share the wealth when it comes to sales. Whether you want to take on more clients or you simply want to delegate the sales process to free up some time for yourself, it’s key to instill your sales processes and procedures on your team.

By training each staff member the same way across the board, you can ensure that every prospective client is being treated in the same manner. This is essential for staying true to your brand, which isn’t just about colors and logos but speaks to client experience as well.

Chances are that, by this point, you’ve been through the sales process countless times and have gotten an idea of what sells clients and what turns them away. Now that you’re ready to hand over the reins, it’s time to take note of everything you’ve learned in order to relay it to your sales team.

Sales relies heavily on a solid knowledge of the products and/or services, so it’s essential for every salesperson to have a good grasp on the company and its offerings. In addition to coaching them on what you offer, you’ll also need to train them how to detect what a client may need the most and how to use their needs to seal the deal. It can help to bring them in for sales calls or initial consultations so they can see you in a natural sales environment. Explain to your prospect that you’re in the training process and let your new hire take notes while observing. Don’t be afraid to give them a pop quiz afterwards!

One of the best practices that we do for every new salesperson is to go through a dry run after we’ve done the initial coaching. For example, I simulate a prospective client who is interested in learning more about our services and the new hire is then to walk me through my options and try to sell me on a package that suits my needs. This is not only great for preparing for the real deal, but it can actually be even more challenging than selling a regular client as I know (and developed!) all of the sales secrets.

It is only after they’ve proven their knowledge of the services and how to tailor their sales pitch to different types of prospects that I start to put them on the front lines. Even after they’ve officially begun selling, remember that they’re still learning and don’t be too hard on them if they lose the first couple of prospects. It happens – we all start out at the bottom and learn as we go. Real hands-on experience is invaluable, so trust that every account they work on will teach them something new.

Jennifer Taylor is the owner of Taylor’d Events Group, a planning firm that specializes in celebrations of all kinds in the Pacific Northwest and Maui. She is also the creator of The Taylor’d Plan, a self-administered class for wedding planners who are new to the industry and looking to grow and develop their skills.