Tasks We Love, Tasks We Hate: Wedding Pros Speak Out

WeddingIQ Blog - Tasks We Love, Tasks We Hate: Wedding Pros Speak Out

As business owners, we all have parts of the job we love and others parts...well, not so much. Those most and least favorite tasks vary wildly by individual, which is why we asked some wedding pros from around the country which of their job responsibility they enjoy most, and which they dread.

Susan Stripling, Susan Stripling Photography

Favorite task: (1) Creating my to-do list for the week.  I love writing down what I have to do for the week and crossing it all off. (2) Balancing my checkbook.  It gives me that nice, organized feeling!

Least favorite task: (1) Phone calls. They seem to suck a lot of time out of my day, and 99% of the time it's all stuff that could be answered in a super-fast email. (2) Sorting through my in-box. Figuring out what needs to be answered, unsubscribing from mailing lists I never signed up for, sending out one sentence replies, etc.  I spend more time organizing my in-box than I do actually REPLYING to emails!

Laura Ritchie, Events in the City

Favorite task: I love the creative process and pulling inspiration from everywhere. I snap pictures and gather items from stores, magazines, social media, museums, art work, my travels... You name it! I save them grouped by client and even save them for future clients that I haven't even met yet. Being open to new ideas and taking those cues from all over keeps things fresh!

Least favorite task: My least favorite part of my job is working with budget constraints. Not because I don't appreciate a budget, I love the organization side of it and compartmentalizing those line items... It's more the fact that I have to sometimes break a clients heart or bank account the achieve what they want. Unfortunately everything costs money and with the influx of Pinterest it can provide lofty ideas for clients that can't necessarily afford the things they have pinned. My job becomes steering the ship away from those out of budget ideas or breaking their heart when it's just not in the cards at all. I hate being the bearer of bad news!

David Morley, Zinnia Weddings

Favorite task: The task I love most is actually the whole process of production. Being behind a camera, considering lighting sources, finding shots, is a thrill that never gets old.

Least favorite task: With business ownership comes some of the less enjoyable moments: bookkeeping is my weak point, a task I used to dread. Mid-2014, I started outsourcing my bookkeeping, but I still break into a sweat whenever I see a pile of receipts.

Maria Canellis, Meridian House

Favorite task: I consider it an incredible honor when a couple chooses Meridian House as the venue for such an important occasion in their lives, and the most rewarding part is having a relationship with the couple throughout the process, which, for us, is most often about 12-18 months since we often book a year or more in advance.  It's also great fun to see how each couple puts their own mark into planning their wedding.  Even though I've been involved with about 175+ weddings at my time here, each one takes on its own unique personality because of the individuality of the couple.  It's rewarding to watch all the months of planning finally come together. On the day of, I love the few blissful moments right after the ceremony when the couple is finally able to relax and enjoy being in the moment.  The best thing someone can say to me at the end of the night is that their experience exceeded their expectations or that it is "better that we could have ever imagined." It makes the long days and nights worth it.

Least favorite task: It's never fun to say "no" to someone's request for a particular thematic element or bending of the rules, but since we operate within the confines of a property on the National Register of Historic Places, my job is to be a steward of the property just as much as it is to help our clients execute a fantastic event.  While in most cases, we are able to find a happy medium and find creative solutions that work for both the venue and the couple, there are occasions I have to be firm and unwavering if what is proposed will impact the immediate neighborhood, the property, or a guest's enjoyment at the event.  

Amber Wilkie, Amber Wilkie Photography

Favorite task: This may sound silly, but I love mailing packages. I get a kick out of taking an armload of albums, jump drives or client gifts down to the post office and making small-talk with the mail carriers.

Least favorite task: Editing photos! I love taking them in almost all forms, but the minute adjustments to color, exposure, lifting up shadows and on and on - super technical and boring. Last year I started outsourcing my editing to a professional company and they do a bang-up job (much better than I ever did). Worth every penny.

Susan Gruskin, St. Regis Washington DC

Favorite task: Getting to know the bride and groom and finding out more about what their individual styles are is my favorite part of the business process.

Least favorite task: When it's all over and you realize that you are not going to be seeing and speaking with the couple or the family on a regular basis.  I for one really enjoy the personal relationships that are formed and it's hard to say farewell, at least for the time being.

Janice Carnevale, Bellwether Events

Favorite task: Picking out linens with my clients. I love it when a client takes a risk, steps outside of the box, and has a little fun with this aspect of their design. It can have a big impact on the look of the wedding, and you have to rent them anyway - you might as well pick something awesome!

Least favorite task: Tracking my time. I know I should rock it like a lawyer and track every minute that I work, so that I know how much time each client is actually needing me, but I just find it way too tedious! I just can't bring myself to do it! 

Amie Decker, Amie Decker Beauty

Favorite task: The business tasks that I enjoy most are anything that involves creating.  I went to college for interpersonal communications and PR but I started my business in makeup and hair because I had the urge to create.  So besides physically doing makeup and hair, I really enjoy the tasks like putting together galleries for our website, slideshows for blog posts or blurbs for social media.

Least favorite task: The business task I like least is scheduling. Between busy lives, unexpected weather, and DMV traffic I am ready to throw in the towel regarding scheduling!

Lisa Robinson, Lovesome Photography

Favorite task: My favorite part of my job is creating the wedding album. It’s the sentimental capstone to the entire wedding experience. I love crafting the story of the day and choosing design details that fit the wedding vibe.

Least favorite task: Taxes and accounting. Going into business for yourself seems like it’s super glamorous, but really more than half of it is spent doing things that have nothing to do with taking photos.

Rachel Hoffberger & Cate Buscher, Plan It Perfect

Favorite task: Our favorite thing to accomplish when planning a wedding with our clients is connecting them with the perfect vendors and helping them design the event that completely represents them. The part of this process that we love to most is when we have an opportunity to go to a rental showroom and play with different combinations of furniture, linens, and tableware.

Least favorite task: Our least favorite task is managing unqualified vendors that had been hired before we joined the event team.  Often times, these vendors were secured due to convenience or price-point and end up creating more problems and being more time-consuming than the couple anticipated.

Rachael Powers, Cakes by Rachael

Favorite task: I love owning a custom cake business because I love being able to make others happy! There is nothing more fulfilling in my professional life than to help others by making their cake dreams come true and being a part of their special day!

Least favorite task: My least favorite part of owning a business is computer work. I do not like to sit still. Being a chef I LOVE to be on my feet and running around all day, but keeping the paperwork organized is essential in running a successful and healthy business.

Sandy Lynch, Weddings by Sandy

Favorite task: My most favorite business task is actually executing the ceremony.  Being in front of the couple and the guests is a blast for me.  It gives me what I need to keep doing what I love to do.

Least favorite task: My least favorite task is paying bills…I hate juggling money and trying to figure out when or how I can pay this bill or that bill.  Ugh!  I would love to be out of debt and not have to worry about money.  But as an officiant, it is hard to make enough to live on.

...Of course, we couldn't help but throw our own opinions into the mix, so here's what we think about the best/worst business tasks.

Kyle Bergner, Kyle Bergner Photography

Favorite task: My favorite business task is viewing the images for the first time after a portrait or event.  When you're in the moment clicking the shutter you don't always get a chance to really appreciate what you are photographing.

Least favorite task: My least favorite task is listening to voicemail.  I really dislike talking on the phone for any reason and listening to messages means I'll have to call someone back.

Jennifer Reitmeyer, MyDeejay

Favorite task: I really, really love using social media to promote my primary business and my various side ventures and passion projects. Maybe I just need a lot of validation, but I love sharing things I care about and interacting with people who are doing the same. I think it's fantastic that we can reach so many other wedding professionals and clients on so many platforms, with almost no effort.

Least favorite task: I dread coming up with new, creative ways to explain our contract terms and other policies to clients (and their parents, friends and other "interested parties"), when everything is already very clearly defined on the contract itself and throughout our website. It's in my nature to bend over backward to make people happy, yet I'm extremely firm when it comes to protecting my business. Finding a way to balance the two is always a challenge, and never fun. 

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