See You at TSE 2017!

It’s almost the New Year, which means The Special Event 2017 is growing closer and closer! I, for one, cannot wait. TSE has always been a wonderful experience, between all of the educational programs and meeting such great event pros from around the world.

I’m thrilled to share that I’ll be speaking not once, but twice at the conference. On Tuesday, I’ll be covering The Latest and Greatest in Lighting and Décor Trends at 9:45 am. Then, on Wednesday, I have the pleasure of being a panelist on A Technophile, An App Enthusiast, a Skeptic and a Luddite (guess which one I am!), a discussion about the growth of business technology at 4:30 pm.

Last year, I brought home so much valuable insight and a feeling of inspiration. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed with the lineup.

The Special Event 2017 will be held from January 10-12 at the Convention Center in Long Beach, CA. Interested in joining? We’d love to see you there! Get your tickets here and comment below if you plan on attending.

The Garter Girl's B.Y.O.B. Workshop

Solid education is such an integral part of our industry, so I love sharing new and exciting opportunities for wedding pros to be a part of. With that, we are excited to share Julianne Smith's one day blogging workshop happening on November 15th!   

Julianne Smith, founder and owner of The Garter Girl is thrilled to announce her workshop, Blog Your Own Business that will take place on November 15! This workshop will focus on helpful information that every small business needs to know, including websites, SEO, and blogging. Julianne will teach attendees how to blog effectively and increase their online profile. See more information regarding her workshop here

Interested in applying for a scholarship to cover the cost of the B.Y.O.B. Workshop? Click here for more information!

Be Sage Educational Conference

I’m a big fan of continuing education, so I’m delighted to share this opportunity with our readers! Michelle and Kelly are truly innovative and have put together quite the itinerary for all you wedding pros who are looking to learn from the best.

With that, I’m excited to tell you about the upcoming Be Sage Educational Conference on November 14-17 in Cabo San Lucas.

Be Sage Conference is for experienced wedding professionals that are looking for education that they can’t get anywhere else or feel that they have outgrown other educational opportunities. Whether you want to learn about teambuilding or boost your client experience, you’re to leave Be Sage with loads of new insight. With an impressive schedule of speakers and plenty of opportunities to build your network, this is definitely one conference you don’t want to miss.

Conference topics include:

·      The Science of Happiness and How it Can Better Your Business - Nataly Kogan

·      How to Become an Epic Expert and Gain New Opportunities - Felecia Hatcher

·      Ways That Your Online Communications are Missing the Mark - Christy Weber

·      How to Get Out of the Wedding Box and Expand Your Business - Jesi Haack

·      How to Sell Digital and Physical Products Online - Katie Thompson

·      How to Surprise & Delight Clients and Prospects; The WOW Effect - Mari Carmen Obregon

·      How to Put Your Team First, Ahead of Clients & Profitability - Denise Silverman

·      How to Grow Your Business With Other People’s Money - John Scrofrano

·      What’s Next in Social Media? Position Your Business for Tomorrow’s Brides - Heather Hall

·      How the Sharing Economy is Disrupting the Business World - Gretchen Culver

For more information about the speakers, check out their bios here.

If you haven’t already, register for the event here. As a bonus, WeddingIQ readers can use the promo code “WEDDING IQ” for $200 off your registration. 

The Latest Trends: Why Educating Yourself on "What's In" is Essential

The Latest Trends: Why Educating Yourself on "What's In" is Essential

(Editor's Note: Today we're welcoming a new guest contributor to WeddingIQ - the talented Rebecca Hochreiter of! Learn more about Rebecca at the end of the post!)

In the wedding world, trends are often on the minds of engaged couples as they navigate the planning process. In some instances, they may even have a hand in influencing brides’ and grooms’ decisions. Additionally, more and more wedding professionals are making it a priority to keep tabs on the latest and greatest.

So why is it important to stay in the know? In a saturated industry, it’s imperative to stay relevant. The ability to offer industry insight will position you as not only an indispensable resource, but someone who values the client experience.

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It's Time to Get Real: Your Wedding Business Probably Isn't Keeping Up, and Here's Why

It's Time to Get Real: Your Wedding Business Probably Isn't Keeping Up, and Here's Why

Here on WeddingIQ, we've always been passionate advocates for what's truly in business - beyond the pretty Instagram snaps, the glamorous branding, the cheerful small talk at networking events. And what's more real, honestly, than realizing your business just isn't keeping up?

Starting a wedding business is such a whirlwind of excitement, and if you've got that perfect combination of skill, connections, and pure luck (which really isn't so much luck as good timing and good market conditions), your business can take off quickly. At least, that's what happened with my primary business. My former partner and I happened to launch it at a time when our region desperately needed upscale, polished, non-cheesy DJs, and we benefited tremendously from the fact that many of our would-be competitors were still embodying the bad DJ stereotype.

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