Why Your 2017 Goal Should Be to Stay On-Trend

(Editor's Note: We're thrilled to welcome a new contributor to WeddingIQ: Kim Sayatovic of Belladeux Event Design! Learn more about her and her company at the end of the post!)

As the year winds down, we’re all looking at how we can improve for the next season and, of course, everybody will set unique goals based on their different business needs. However, I’m here to tell you about a goal we should all have for the year to come. Whether you’re a wedding planner, a photographer, a florist, a designer or a caterer, YOU need to stay on top of industry trends in 2017.

Why, you ask?

Trends come and go. When they’re ‘here,’ however, they are extremely popular and you can bet you’ll be getting straight-from-Pinterest requests left and right. Regardless of how tired you’ve grown of chalkboard signage or mason jars or literally anything, it’s important to remember that your couples are going through the wedding planning process for the first time. Everything is new to them and they’re excited! Even if they have the most stereotypically on-trend wedding, it’s up to you to give them their dream wedding and make them the happiest couple in the world for a day.

Now, much of your ‘trend research’ may come from simply working on your weddings. Sure, you may throw some casual Pinterest browsing in the mix, but most of us think that we’re well-versed on what’s ‘in’ and what’s ‘out’ in the industry. Right?


While it may be easy to pull a bunch of current trends from the top of your head, what if I were to ask you to forecast future styles that will grow in popularity? Having the knowledge to foresee trends in advance can push you to the top of your market, as you’ll be prepared to meet clients’ needs before they even know what they want.

So, how do I do that?

Easy – look at what’s fashionable in other industries. For example, more often than not, the bridal gown trends that we’re seeing hit the fashion runway in seasons prior. Same goes for home design and architecture – a lot of the vibes and details that we’re seeing have their roots within another trade. If you needed an excuse to browse your favorite home décor store, here it is – look out for unique tablescapes, popular furniture designs and color palettes that pop out to you.

2017 isn’t here just yet, but make it a point to stay one step ahead of your clients. No matter what your other goals are, this will ensure that your clients are satisfied and you’ll be hip to everything that’s coming your way.

Kim Sayatovic is the Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Belladeux Event Design, a full service wedding and event design firm based in New Orleans, Louisiana.


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(Editor's Note: Today we're welcoming a new guest contributor to WeddingIQ - the talented Rebecca Hochreiter of DestinationWeddings.com! Learn more about Rebecca at the end of the post!)

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