Stuck in a Rut? Try These Wedding Industry Best Practices for Finding Inspiration

WeddingIQ Blog - Stuck in a Rut? Try These Wedding Industry Best Practices for Finding Inspiration

(Editor's Note: The talented Fabrice Orlando of Cocoon Events Group is back on our blog today, offering his advice on how to get un-stuck and find inspiration again in your wedding business. Read more about Fabrice at the end of the post!)

Even the most creative wedding professionals find themselves uninspired at times, so don’t be ashamed or discouraged if you find yourself staring blankly at your computer.

While we’ve all been there, there are plenty of ways to get your creativity going and pull yourself out of a funk. Although it may seem logical to scroll through some top wedding blogs or flip through magazines for ideas, that process can actually add to the frustration, as you’ll end up seeing all of the gorgeous details that have already been done.

Here’s an insider’s tip: Get away from the screens, the magazines, and the wedding industry as a whole – inspiration is all around you if you know where to look! Whether you’re going out for dinner in the swanky side of town or you’re museum hopping over the weekend, keep your eye out for ideas that may spark some creativity in the workplace.

I make it a point to walk through the local artisan markets weekly and take in all of the colors and details, asking myself how I could adapt things into my next event. Read books, watch movies and go to local events – keep a notebook on hand so that you can quickly jot down notes when inspiration strikes. The more notes you keep, the more you’ll mull over the thoughts and things will start to fall into place.

In addition to being knowledgeable about wedding trends, it can help to stay up-to-date with trends from other industries like architecture, cuisine or fashion design. Chances are you’ll begin to see some crossovers between industries and you may end up being a trend starter in the wedding market!

Another great way to find some inspiration is to reach out to past clients. Oftentimes, they’ll be able to share their thoughts on what they would have changed or added, which will help you identify the places you can put extra effort into for future events.

At the end of the day, remember that everyone has different preferences when it comes to the ideal work environment. Some people thrive when they can focus in the silence of an at-home office, while others (like me) need some activity around me to keep me on top of things. It’s entirely up to you!

As much as people can share ways they find new inspiration, the best solution is really to get out there and try new things. With a bit of practice and a touch of soul searching, you’ll find the best practices that suit you and your work style and you’ll be churning out the ideas in no time.

Fabrice Orlando is the CEO of Cocoon Events Group, a luxury event planning company based in Marrakech, Morocco that specializes in high-end weddings and special events worldwide.