Stay Calm and Carry On- Event Day Management Tips and Tricks

By: Cindy Novotny, Master Connection Associates

As an outside consultant looking into your world, I occasionally see a lack of calmness and professionalism as it relates to ‘event day management.’  Whether you are a full time planner, event designer, lighting expert or on the music and entertainment side of the business – the client should NEVER see you sweat.  NEVER!

I have witnessed planners screaming at a caterer, or another vendor setting things up.  If you think no one notices, you are sadly mistaken – they notice.  If you are a planner and hire a ‘same day planner’ to assist you, make sure you have had a good turnover phone call with them to set the expectations and create a seamless day of event.  

So here are my top ten tips:

  1. Always have a pre event call with all vendors the day before the event for a last minute overview of the day so there is nothing left out that will cause issues
  2. Only hire assistant planners day of that you have ‘vetted’ and are completely comfortable representing you and your brand
  3. Create ‘rules of engagement’ with your entire team and with your vendors (partners) on how we conduct ourselves the day of the event – attire, attitude, cell phone rules, where staff parks, debrief rooms to discuss issues away from the client, arrival times, when it is acceptable to leave, etc.
  4. Client call the day before the event or wedding to check in on last minute requests and changes – do not leave this until the day of
  5. Proper portfolio to hold all necessary paperwork instead of pulling it out of a purse or pocket
  6. Business cards for all that are representing you as there are always guests that ask about using your services for future events
  7. Post event report that must be completed at the end of the event for the planner or sales person who handled the event to review before talking to the client after the event for feedback and rebooking if it is corporate events – we want NO surprises
  8. A process in place for additional billing items that are asked about on the day of – how does the vendors (partners) get approval if the client is asking for more lighting, different alcohol, etc. and how do we handle getting a signature about these items
  9. Check your ego at the door
  10. Breathe!



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