Seven Swoon-Worthy Apps for Wedding Business Owners

WeddingIQ Blog - Seven Swoon-Worthy Apps for Wedding Business Owners

(Editor's note: this post is a collaboration between WeddingIQ co-editors Jennifer Reitmeyer and Kyle Bergner.)

We don't know a single entrepreneur who doesn't operate his or her business "on the go," and mobile apps have become a huge part of how we all work. Of course, as easy as apps are to download, and how cheap they are to purchase (when they're not actually free!), we've all wound up with some duds. The best apps, though, simplify our record-keeping, keep us organized, and help to make tough tasks seem simpler.

Here are seven of our favorite apps:

Evernote: We cannot stress enough the ways this app will change your life. It's like the most awesome notebook you've ever had, that also has the capability to be so much more. You can store text, images, PDFs, and videos all within a structure that is easy to navigate and organize. Kyle uses Evernote to keep track of daily tasks, client information, project workflows, wedding timelines, meeting notes, business ideas, the list is endless. With it, she's never without all the information she needs on a daily basis and everything is seamlessly synced to every device. You can even share notebooks with colleagues, chat between users and send or save directly from Evernote. (Kyle apologizes in advance that, if when she meets you, she talks endlessly about this app. She loves it that much.)  

Pocket: A new obsession for us, the Pocket app and website (with easy-to-use plugins for several browsers) make it easy to save every web page and post that interest you, to access whenever you want, from your computer or mobile devices. You can also tag the pages so you can sort them by category later - enabling you to lose yourself in a whole pile of articles on, say, motivation, or Pilates, or beer, or whatever floats your boat. Never again will you be stuck killing time surfing the web on your phone; instead, with Pocket you can spend those bits of free time actually reading things that interest you. (Jen's ADHD bonus - it also allows you to close some of those zillions of browser tabs! You can just add all those things to your Pocket and you can't forget about them!)

Buffer: This app, and its companion website, have been a gift from the heavens. We use it to schedule all of WeddingIQ's posts on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn (it can post to Google+ too) and it's saved us a ton of time. Its free option is more than enough for most business owners, but several premium options exist too, which let you control tons of social media accounts - such as your professional and personal ones - via one easy platform.

Rise: This app does one thing and one thing only.  It tells you when the sun rises and sets at any given day.  As a photographer, Kyle can't tell you how many times she's listened to couples describe all the lovely, sunny garden portraits they would like, only to remind them that it will be dark after their ceremony. Kyle's able to address this issue at the sales meeting before they've even hired her, and it's nice to have an app that quickly accesses this information.  

MileIQ: This awesome app, free but upgradable, easily tracks your mileage via your mobile phone, and emails you reports. You can designate whether a trip is for business or personal travel (or just sort it out later) and it's a million times easier than trying to jot it all down as you go, or worse - trying to estimate at the end of the year.

Perch: This is a pretty cool app we just started using - it allows you to select businesses to "watch" (such as your own and your competitors'!) and you can easily track their reviews on sites like Yelp, as well as see social media posts and other promotions.

Canva: Okay, we cheated - this isn't actually an app (yet), but rather, a website that makes it super easy to create basis graphic design projects, even if you're creativity-challenged. Social media graphics, flyers, Facebook cover photos, business cards, menus, posters, presentations - you name it. Everything is drag-and-drop simple, and you can access a ton of gorgeous photos and font layouts FREE (or very cheap), or upload your own. Canva is also getting ready to roll out a new option specific for business, and you can sign up for early access using this link!

So those are the apps (and sites) that are currently rocking our world. We'd love to hear from you about what apps have made you more productive!


Jennifer Reitmeyer

Jennifer Reitmeyer is the founder of WeddingIQ and the owner of MyDeejay, Firebrand Messaging, and Authentic Boss. She is also a WeddingWire Education Expert, a small business coach and a professional speaker on the event industry circuit.