Podcast Guest Strategies

Embracing podcasting is good 21st century business sense. Once you’ve taken the leap and booked your first guest appearance, it’s natural to be nervous. Even seasoned speakers and presenters feel trepidation at the thought of the technology involved.  Relax and breathe. Podcasts are simply authentic conversations between industry professionals. You can do this.

There are best practices, however, that will make your journey easier. Following these steps will help you become a superstar guest, or at the very least one who is conscientious, engaging and well-prepared … a podcaster’s dream. 

Request the Questions in Advance

Some hosts are happy to share questions before a broadcast, and it is absolutely fine to ask. Others prefer a more spontaneous format, so there is no guarantee of a sneak peek, but you won’t break any secret protocols if you do request them.

In the event that you are able to secure the questions, review them and practice possible responses. Concentrate on points that you’d like to make that are in line with your company’s message and core beliefs, but don’t script answers and expect to recite them verbatim. Rather, use the opportunity to ensure that you have something to add to the conversation and a general direction you would like to go.

Topic Selection

In some cases, your host or a producer might reach out to you and ask what you would like to talk discuss. Have a list of go-to topics handy in case you are asked. Think of conversations you have frequently. If they are of regular interest to you, they are likely on the minds of the podcaster and audience as well. Trends and hot-button industry issues are ever-popular topics and should be relatively easy for you to discuss. You could also propose less common topics about which you feel passionate and establish yourself as the guest expert in your podcast niche.

Be Prepared

Know the tech expectations for the show. If the host or producer requests that you use headphones and a mic during the interview, use them. You may be given a phone number to call in your interview; in which case it should be handy an hour before the appointment and your phone should be fully charged. If you log in with a computer, the show will probably want you to hardwire to the internet. Make arrangements early so you are completely ready.

Take your role as a guest seriously. If you follow these steps and act professionally, you can look forward to booking future appearances and diving deeper into the rewarding world of podcast marketing.

Andy Kushner is the creator and host of The Wedding Biz Podcast, interviewing prolific thought leaders and talented icons within the wedding and events industry, such as Mindy Weiss, Preston Bailey, and Colin Cowie.. He recently launched The Wedding Biz Podcast Network, the only global platform of its kind to serve the business development needs of wedding industry professionals.


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