Planning for Success: Sage Wedding Pros

I've been a big fan of Sage Wedding Pros for a long time - I've followed their blog forever, and spent three years as a local host for their awesome Thursday Therapy networking concept. Michelle Loretta and Kelly Simants are two of the warmest, most genuine leaders in the wedding industry, and I'm proud to consider them friends as well as colleagues.

With that said, I was delighted to hear they're bringing The Simple Plan, their business planning workshop, to the Washington, DC market this summer. Having a business plan is so important, and even if you didn't have one in place when you started (raises hand) it's never too late to get your business on track.

Here's what they shared with me about the event:

"The Simple Plan is a No-Sweat, No-Fuss, Piece-of-Cake, Easy-Peasy approach to writing your business plan. Michelle & Kelly, the ladies behind Sage Wedding Pros, have been producing this workshop since 2009. They pride themselves on giving people REAL business tools to use in their companies. (This is the kinda stuff you learn in an MBA program… no fluffy junk!)

Business planning is goal-setting with your entire business as the scope. Your entire business is a marriage of:

  • the marketing of your products and services
  • an operational structure for execution
  • a financial model for business sustainability

At The Simple Plan, Michelle & Kelly will walk you through these 4 cornerstones, sharing strategies that have worked for businesses in and out of the wedding industry. You will work through each section of the business and walk out with a plan in hand. Business planning is essentially goal-setting for your entire business. The workshop is open to wedding pros of all experience levels looking to create goals for the next 1-3 years of their business."

I hope you'll consider joining Michelle and Kelly on July 6-7, 2015 from 9:30am-4:30pm at The Loft at 600 F in Washington, DC. I can't wait to hear what you got out of this valuable event!