Six Business Blogs I Love

WeddingIQ Blog - Six Business Blogs I Love

I’ve been asked by someone I like and respect (*waves* hi, Courtney!) to write a post on the business blogs I like and follow.  I really appreciate having been asked, because it means (a) someone is actually following this blog, and (b) I love nothing more than to spread good information whether it comes from me or from someone else awesome.  So, here are six of my favorite blogs on the business side of the wedding business:

Sage Wedding Pros: This one pretty much goes without saying, considering I love what these ladies do so much that I signed on to become the DC host of their Thursday Therapy networking concept.  Sage Wedding Pros is awesome.  It’s just such a kind, friendly, down-to-earth and just plain readable business blog.  They cover all kinds of topics, from marketing to personal productivity to work/life balance, and they update regularly, something I wish more bloggers did.  They also offer a fantastic downloads section with a mix of free (!) and low-cost templates, checklists and guidebooks.  I use many of their tools on the regular, and couldn’t recommend them any more highly to both experienced and more “green” wedding business owners.

Think Splendid: Liene Stevens’ blog also is really inspiring to me.  I love its conversational tone, and how practically every post makes me stop and really think (so I guess it’s an appropriate blog name!) about myself and my business, often in a completely new way.  Another thing I really like about this blog is the sidebars and the occasional “refresher” posts that direct readers to some of the most popular and meaningful posts on the site.  I remember the first time I came across Liene’s blog, I lost a few hours of my life just digging through the archives.  It was pretty darn worth it.

The Business of Being Creative: Sean Low’s blog is one of the most thought-provoking, outside-the-box-thinking sites I’ve ever read.  I appreciate how much time, effort and knowledge Sean packs into each post — no throwaways here — and how applicable his expertise is not only to the wedding industry, but other ventures and projects as well.

Chris Brogan: I also like the tone of Chris’ blog a whole lot.  He’s extremely readable, and breaks down often-overwhelming topics like blogging and social media in a way that make them seem not only worth tackling, but also possible to, in fact, tackle.

Seth Godin: This is one I admittedly skim, as I find a lot of it doesn’t seem to apply to me and to my work situation.  Still, there are some truly mind-blowingly smart posts here, and I often come away with an entirely new perspective on something.

WeddingWire Pro Blog: There’s a lot of content here, some of which is intended to promote the WeddingWire brand (perfectly appropriate, obviously, since it’s their blog) but a lot of it is genuinely educational and super-informative.  I especially like the posts on social media — the tips and tricks can be really helpful.

* A tip I’ve found that’s super helpful: using Google Reader, set up with the aforementioned blogs (and a few wedding inspiration blogs for good measure, because hey — I like pretty pictures too), and taking a quick peek each morning while I’m having coffee.  I also set aside a little downtime on the weekend to catch up on things I’ve missed!