Looking Ahead to 2019 Trends

The New Year is here! With the holiday season behind us, and engagement season well underway, it is time to turn our focus to what’s new and upcoming in our industry. 2019 promises to take personalization, especially via technology, to levels unseen at most weddings to date. Here are just some of the exciting trends to expect this year.

Client Communication – Messaging Apps

On the business side, we anticipate clients moving away from using email for communication towards messaging apps like WhatsApp. These apps not only provide numerous enhancements over email, but also allow people to stay in touch in real time with or without access to cellular service. As long as you can patch in to a wireless connection, messaging apps are your friend. They are useful for keeping whole teams in the loop and are accessible on practically any kind of device.


It is mind-boggling how a single social media platform can have such an enormous influence on an industry, but this one is making its mark. Everyone wants an Instagram-worthy wedding! Couples are seeking personalized, unique designs, executed to perfection and photographed professionally from an irresistible perspective.

The Insta-movement has even swayed entertainment options. Static photo booths are out. Look, instead, for models with bells and whistles that are compatible with Instagram, like gifs, video, green screen and the immensely popular boomerang option, all of which make sharing more exciting and interactive.

Entertainment – Silent Discos, Variety and Video Mapping

A somewhat surprising trend for many will be the rise of silent discos in 2019. Guests can wear individual light-up headsets, choose one of three or more music streams mixed by live DJs, and dance to the beat of their favorite drummer. Multiple simultaneous music experiences offer the ultimate freedom, allowing dancers to interact with each other even when they are listening to different tunes. It is definitely something you have to see to believe, and it will be a completely new option for couples who want to do something most of their guests have never seen before.

We will also see more clients hiring combinations of entertainers to engage their guests. They might pair live musicians with a DJ, or augment music with performers like impressionists, caricature artist or acrobats. Additionally, video mapping will continue to rise in popularity thanks to more affordable and accessible technology.

Design: Neon Signage

Long associated with 1980s-era streetscapes, neon signage is making a comeback and getting a new look. As with digital video-mapping, the technology has advanced to a point that makes it a more reasonable choice for many couples, so designers are putting their spin on the look and presenting it with a 21st century feel.

The focus for 2019 is enriching the guest experience through wow-worthy technology and the growth of interactive opportunities. Look for these trends and more to shape your clients’ events in the New Year.

Kevin Dennis is the editor of WeddingIQ and the owner of Fantasy Sound Event Services, a full-service event company based in Livermore, California. Dennis is the past president for Silicon Valley NACE, and national vice president for WIPA.