Keywords That Will Boost Traffic on Your Event Company Website

You’re hearing the advice: to rank in search engines, you need to blog. But what exactly do you say? And are you even using the right keywords to get that post to show up for searchers?

If you’re taking the time to write out the details of an event, let’s talk about how you can get the most traffic for it—by focusing on the right keywords (including the keywords no one else has thought about).

How to Use Your Keywords

If you want traffic to your recap posts about weddings or events, you have to be specific. I recommend choosing your “focus keyword” phrase for that event blog post before you even get started writing. Choose one phrase only.

Then, use your focus keyword phrase within the post title, the text of the post, and the URL.  For extra credit, use it in the meta description too. Not sure which focus keywords to pick?  Here are some do’s and don'ts.

Keywords That Probably Won’t Bring You Traffic

I often see event planners trying to rank for very general, broad terms.  Unfortunately, search results for idea and inspiration terms are usually dominated by Pinterest and the big wedding blogs. 

If you want traffic, I don’t recommend focusing on keywords about event colors or themes.  Your website just won’t have the authority to outrank the bigger sites.

Keywords not to use:

●      Pink and Gold Wedding

●      Paris-Themed Wedding

●      Lavender Wedding Inspiration

As for city or geographical keywords, I know you want to rank for “{Your city weddings}” but using that as a focus keyword for an event recap post isn’t likely to rank very highly. 

City keywords are another type of keyword dominated by larger sites and more in-depth articles.  It’s really hard to compete with a simple event recap post.

Keywords not to use:

●      Downtown Atlanta Wedding

●      Northern Kentucky Wedding

●      Corporate Event in Glen Arbor, MI

Not sure if your keyword idea is good? Search for the term yourself and see if the results are from big wedding sites or other local vendors like you. If other websites like yours are showing, you probably have a chance to rank too.

Keywords That Will Bring You Traffic

So if broad event themes and city name keywords won’t work to bring in traffic for event recap posts, what will? If you want to bring in traffic from local searches, focus on venues.  An idea that many vendors haven’t thought of is hacking traffic from clients searching for venues where you like to work.

Getting your recap blog post to rank for the venue where it took place is a great tactic for getting more visibility.

Keyword examples to use:

●      Corporate Event at Apple Blossom Farms

●      Belvedere Hotel Wedding

●      Rehearsal Dinner at Meadowview Hall

This is absolutely the most effective keyword tactic I’ve seen for local vendors to bring in search traffic.

Other Vendors and Businesses

Did you work on an event or inspiration shoot with a prominent local vendor? You may be able to craft a post that ranks for their business name. Searchers who click your blog post will be able to see that vendor’s work, as well as yours.

Keyword examples to use:

●      Stunning Fall Event with Big Sky Floral

●      Romantic Wedding Inspiration with Hannah Nichols Photography

You could also create vendor-focused posts that are separate from the general event recap, so you can more specifically talk about the vendor you’re focusing on. 

A post called “Hemmings Jazz Band: A Joyful Wedding Reception” could bring in great traffic if you talk about what the band played at your event, how it created the right ambiance, what the guests said about the experience, and why you recommend them.

While this tactic may not reach a big volume of searches, it will be much easier to rank than more competitive keywords.  You’ll also be bringing in traffic from clients who are searching for vendors you like working with.

Sara Dunn is a wedding SEO consultant at, helping wedding planners, photographers, venues, florists, and more reach rockstar status on Google.


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