Jen's 5 Favorite Things

WeddingIQ - Jen's 5 Favorite Things

Two weeks ago, in one of our fun Friday posts, Kyle shared five of her favorite things (some of which she's introduced me to, and are now among my favorites as well!). Now it's my turn. This post topic was my idea, and yet it was was surprisingly hard to come up with my list. Maybe I just love things, and experiences, and people, too much. I'm sure both my list and Kyle's will evolve very quickly, so expect more posts like these on future Fridays, but in the meantime, here are five things I'm digging today:

1. Chick humor - I love it all. Seriously. I can't really deal with lots of stereotypical "girly" stuff, but give me a bunch of women swearing and being gross and just telling it like it is, and I'm happy. I love "Girls," I love "Broad City," I love "Bridesmaids," I love everything Amy Schumer does. It never, ever gets old to me.

2. The Kindle app - I know lots of people who swear by their Kindle device, but that always seemed redundant to me in the age of smartphones and tablets. The Kindle app for iPhone, however, has been my undoing. To be more specific, "Buy with 1-Click" has been my undoing. I love to read and I love instant gratification, and this app combines them both.

3. Dance parties with my kids - as I've written about previously, I'm a single mom to two awesome boys, currently aged 5 and 8. I love that they're down for dance parties on the regular, because otherwise I'd be dancing alone. My kids will throw down on a nonexistent dance floor anywhere - they have their own very diverse tastes in music, which includes everything from classic Van Halen and Jimi Hendrix to Beyonce and Kendrick Lamar. We have a blast together, and Kyle and I are taking them to a local show this weekend so they can test out their moves in a crowd. Should be pretty epic.

4. Shiner Bock - my parents are both born-and-bred Texans, and most of my relatives still live there. Drinking Texas-brewed Shiner Bock on the East Coast whenever the opportunity arises just tastes like home.

5. Small stuff - I'm obsessed with tiny things! I've always loved making dioramas (anyone want to commission me to make a custom one for them?) and my newest planned project is building and decorating dollhouses, which I'll then donate to children's charities since my aforementioned sons won't be interested. Something about itty bitty pieces of furniture, and other things created in detail on a very small scale, fascinates me. I realize this makes me weird.


Jennifer Reitmeyer

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