In Case You Missed It...The Secret to Securing Referrals from Venues

WeddingIQ Blog - In Case You Missed It The Secret To Securing Referrals From Venues

It's that time again...that special time when WeddingWire posts my Education Expert article to their ProBlog! As I believe I've mentioned in the past, I really love writing content for WeddingWire, as it enables me to share advice with a much wider audience than I might typically attract to WeddingIQ. It's always nice, too, when I get feedback from wedding pros in other markets.

For this most recent post, WeddingWire asked me to share advice on how to get on a venue's referral list. This topic was particularly relevant to me, as I've always been a huge advocate for building strong relationships with others within the industry and by earning referrals by merit. I've found that so many wedding pros seem to operate within a vacuum - they're so focused on their own product or service, and on their client, that they seem to forget they're working as part of a larger vendor team.

There are tons of opportunities to forge strong bonds with venue contacts, and eventually to win their referrals. I've shared some very specific tips on this very subject in my WeddingWire ProBlog article, "The Secret to Earning a Spot on a Venue's Referral List." I'd love for you to check it out - and, venue coordinators, I'd love to know if there's anything I missed. Should wedding pros be doing anything else to earn your confidence and your trust?