Getting your Client Experience ready for the New Year!

By Jennifer Taylor, Taylor'd Events Group

When a potential client comes to your website, vendor listing, Facebook page, Instagram account, what are they experiencing?   Was there a process or procedure that needs to be updated to make the client experience better for next year?   What, if any automation can you add to your process.  What are your touchpoints through-out the planning process for your couple?   Finally, do you really need gifts?   Let’s get started!


Is your website up to date?   Do you have a place where they can link to your email or contact form?  Make sure your email address and phone number are on every page.  You never know when they want to reach out, make it easy for them.   Is your portfolio page up-to-date with new weddings?   Copy up to date?  All these things matter. 


Do you have your latest weddings and reviews?  Are you showing photos from weddings you have done that are your ideal client or portions that ideal to you?  You don’t have to show every wedding, be selective.  Do you have a way for them to reach out to you?  If I can’t find your email address on your Facebook page, then your client can’t either.  Remember to make sure you credit the photographer in all of the photos you do!

Process & Procedures

Was there a process that did not work for you or your clients?   Did you not follow up with potentials clients in a timely fashion, where you feeling overwhelmed in keeping up with the clients you had?  This is where processes and procedures come into play, where can you can you add in automation to your process to automatically send emails to clients to remind them to set up times for meetings, can you set up automation where your clients can look at your calendar and set up their own meetings with you?   Can you create a workflow for you on when you will be working on what client projects on what days?   This is the time to get it done!


How many times are you reaching out to your clients, after they hired you, do you disappear until they reach out to your, or are you touching base with them every few months.  We are being hired earlier and earlier, so keeping you top of mind with them is imperative.  Your clients have friends and family that could be getting married.  This is a huge client experience it is not much, but just reaching out and saying “Hi”


Touchpoint and gifts could be the same.   We actually implemented this and it helps with creating the client experience.  It does not need to be a huge gift, we give a notebook and a pen, and a mug.  Nothing huge, but it is fun to see your clients tag you when they receive the gift in the mail. 

I hope these tips have helped you start thinking about your current client experience and implement some of the tips above. 


Guest Contributor

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