Fun Friday: Our Go-To Websites When We Need a Distraction

WeddingIQ Blog - Fun Friday Our Go-To Websites When We Need a Distraction

(Editor's note: this post is a collaboration between WeddingIQ's co-editors, Jennifer Reitmeyer & Kyle Bergner.)

We post a lot on this site about very serious issues, something that takes a lot of work not only to write about, but also to think about - some of that stuff's heavy! We're also kept on our toes with our business ventures: Kyle's photography business, Jen's DJ business and blogging/social media business, and our collective and separate business coaching and speaking hustles. Naturally, we sometimes just want to distract ourselves by falling down the Internet rabbit hole of fun websites. (Surely some of you can relate!).

With that in mind, and given that most of our readers are gearing up for their weddings this weekend (and/or getting ready to celebrate Independence Day, in the U.S.), we figured we'd share some of our favorite sites on which to waste time. Because sometimes, you just need to ponder, laugh, or just mindlessly scroll.

Read on for the websites Kyle and Jen rely on for distraction and stress relief (and the descriptions used by the sites themselves):

Kyle's Picks:

The Oatmeal: If you're looking for original comics that are slightly inappropriate, yet completely relatable, then this is the website you need. I especially like all comics relating to cats, grammar or when the author goes off on a rant about someone who had the audacity to complain about him. It’s awesome.  

The Onion: I don’t know if it’s America’s finest news source but it is definitely its most entertaining. If you don’t know already, the Onion is satirical, although their articles have been mistaken for real on more than one occasion. (Pro tip: I recommend reading your horoscope on a regular basis.) 

Buzzfeed: This is just a cornucopia of photos, lists, videos and articles. You will get lost here in a tornado of distraction as I just did while “researching” this post. To get started, type in any topic, or just check your Facebook feed as I’m sure one of your friends has shared something from this site. Oh, and good luck getting back to work.  

Jen's Picks:

Longreads: Admittedly, this isn't a "fun" site; it's just a great site that curates longform articles from lots of great magazine sites. I've definitely gotten lost in well-written pieces on topics I'd never have chosen, and I have yet to come across an article that wasn't great quality.

Get Off My Internets Forums: Most people who know me know I love a good callout. This site, or GOMI, features forums for tons of blogs around the web, in which posters can dissect all the various nonsense that passes as blog content. (Wedding bloggers who may be reading this: I hope you're thick-skinned, as GOMI has an entire section just for - or, rather - about, you.)

Passive Aggressive Notes: This site has been around a long time, and I love that it's still being maintained on the regular (not so much with two of my favorite humor sites of yore, Regretsy and 27b/6. Readers submit real notes left by disgruntled coworkers, psychotic roommates, creepy neighbors, and more - and it's consistently hilarious and awesome. And any time I'm tempted to post a note anywhere, I remember this site and blast the person to their face instead.

So...we'd love to know what sites you visit often! Please leave a comment and share the wealth of Internet weirdness.


Jennifer Reitmeyer

Jennifer Reitmeyer is the founder of WeddingIQ and the owner of MyDeejay, Firebrand Messaging, and Authentic Boss. She is also a WeddingWire Education Expert, a small business coach and a professional speaker on the event industry circuit.