Friday Five: 5 Sources for Cool Office Gear

WeddingIQ Blog - Friday Five 5 Sources for Cool Office Gear

Never let it be said that our workspaces don't matter - to the contrary, a workspace that's functional and aesthetically appealing can make a tremendous difference in your productivity, not to mention your mood while you're working! (On that topic, check out this past post in which a ton of fabulous wedding pros shared their actual desks with our readers!)

For this week's "Friday Five," I figured I'd curate a list of five great online sources for office gear - supplies, decor, and general workspace goodness, all with way more style than your average Staples store. If you're going to be cranking out work every day - which, face it, most entrepreneurs are - then why not do it from a gorgeous, inspiring environment?

Here are my top five sources for cool office stuff:

Urban Girl: This site carries pretty much everything - crazy colorful desk supplies from Poppin, the uber-luxe collection, from Kate Spade and Lilly Pulitzer, and (my favorite) the simple, muted products from Semikolon. That's just the tip of the iceberg, though, as this gal sells just about everything. Even better, the site is super fun to navigate, you can search by color, designer and product, and there are tons of inspiration photos. It'd be pretty much impossible not to get excited about designing your workspace after looking around here. 

CB2: Crate and Barrel's sister site maybe a surprising source for office stuff, but trust me, it's awesome. I love the minimalist furniture and the industrial, modern desk supplies (using materials like cement, ,stainless steel, rose gold, aluminum and eucalyptus, to name a few). Best of all, the items sold here are so the opposite of those featured in a "typical" wedding business' office. Some of us, shockingly, aren't actually into pink! (I know, I know...)

Quill:Okay, so the site looks like your typical office-supply retailer. And most of it is the same. But the section I've linked contains some pretty cool stuff, reasonably priced for what it is - Cynthia Rowley's gold abstract and floral lines, lots of modern furniture, and bright, colorful supplies in every hue of the rainbow (and some that aren't in the rainbow).

Oh, Hello Friend: This site was made for those of us who don't like to touch anything in the office that's ugly. Lots of little, awesome things can be found here - from tape dispensers shared like cameras or cats, to paper clips in the likeness of the Eiffel Tower or any number of animals. Oh, and this site will be heaven for the crafters among us - hello, Washi tape! (Bonus: they also sell some pretty rad temporary tattoos if you want to go as me for Halloween!)

See Jane Work: This eminently browse-able site is perfect for finding inspiration - tons of supplies organized by type and by style, as well as a fantastic collection of work-appropriate bags.Don't miss all the advice posts on their blog, with organizing tips and more.

So there you have it...five fantastic sites for leveling up your office!

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Jennifer Reitmeyer

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