Friday Feels: Can You Relate to These Rants?

WeddingIQ Blog - Friday Feels: Can You Relate to These Rants?

By now, most of our readers know that we're now accepting completely anonymous submissions about vendor shade, hot-button topics and other issues affecting the wedding industry. We've gotten tons of forms so far, and they've been incredibly inspirational for us in crafting blog content that's relevant to our readership.

We're planning on writing in-depth posts on some of the topics that have been suggested to us (Kyle's post this past Wednesday, on the subject of styled shoots, is an example). We've received some really interesting suggestions of topics ranging from issues of elitism and gender preference within the industry to ways that vendors passively - or sometimes, actively - sabotage one another in the process of working a wedding.

Some of the forms we've received, though, have contained some very simple rants and pet peeves that we feel can stand on their own (we'll redact any potentially identifying information, of course!). Our hope is that, by exposing some of the bad behavior described in these posts, everyone will step up their vendor relations game, and learn to work better with one another.

We'll be sharing these kinds of comments in occasional "Friday Feels" posts - a round-up of basic things that bug our readers. Have something you want to vent about? Be sure to submit our "Super Secret, Super Anonymous" feedback form, or email us directly! (Confidentiality guaranteed!)

Today's Friday Feels Theme: Feeding Time!

"Okay, so biggest gripe with wedding vendors is when the caterer goes out of their way to make a soggy, grocery-store-ham sandwich when everyone knows there's plenty of food left over from serving the guests. I sit there and eat my nasty, cold sandwich, then all the extra food from the buffet goes into the trash. Is it really that much of a pain to throw together a couple plates of hot food? You don't have to make it pretty - not at all! We'll gladly eat whatever slopped-together option is available. I know some [vendors] can be real divas about their meals. I just hate that caterers go out of their way to make a cold, nasty meal for us when there's tons of food going to waste a few feet away,"

"WHY on earth do some caterers not treat other vendors nicely? Don't they understand that we all talk, and refer caterers to our clients? It's pretty simple. Treat me right, with good tasting food, and I will sing your praises to my couples."

"Why can't caterers understand that photographers/videographers/planners/deejays aren't being brats, that it's just better timing-wise to eat at the same time as the [couple getting married]? When we are served after all the guests, we are typically eating when important activities are going on."

"I hate when caterers charge the couple an outrageous amount for a vendor meal consisting of a cold-cut sandwich and a bag of chips."

"Stop feeding the vendors last. Seriously, no matter how many times I explain that if we eat when the clients eat we can be ready when the reception festivities pick back up, the caterers and venues refuse to provide food until everyone else has been served. By then it is usually time for toasts or dances and we (photographers, videographers, DJs) don't have time to eat. Most of us work eight hours minimum and a meal and a few minutes to eat it is NOT too much to ask."

WeddingIQ's note: between these rants, the Facebook group Vendor Meals VA, DC, MD and all the private conversations taking place among vendors, the topic of vendor meal quality and timing is obviously a hot one! Caterers and venues, if your vendor meal option is a sandwich or something similar, and/or you prefer to serve vendors last, we (and our readers) would LOVE to hear from you about why. Please email us directly or submit our anonymous form!


Jennifer Reitmeyer

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