Finding Your Voice in the Social Media Sphere

Social media exposure can be a gift to an event business, but creating a presence that is natural, reflective of your desired message and compelling enough to cut through all of the other noise takes work. Honing your approach can help you find your voice in the social media sphere.

Be Natural

There are some things in social media that make sense for nearly all events businesses, like posting photos of your work so prospective clients can see you in action. Finding your unique voice, though, requires that you put your business personality out there.

For example, while we are strategic about the work we post, we try to give our stories a freewheeling, casual feel. We’ve found that our clients like the behind-the-scenes perspective and enjoy seeing how we create things. It gives them a sense of who we are as a company. This approach has a lot of value for us. We have people coming in all the time saying “I saw this on Instagram and I loved it!”

Be Selective

Make sure you curate your timeline to ensure that you’re staying true to your brand. Only show images that you are proud of, and that reflect who you are as a brand as and as a business. Feature the kind of work you want to attract.

Be Consistent

In order for social media to be effective, your content has to be timely and current. Users notice when you haven’t posted in months and wonder if it’s a reflection of being too busy to connect with your audience, too aloof to spend time engaging, or too unorganized to say on top of your presence. Neglecting your social media can also give the appearance that you have nothing interesting or notable to share.

Create a content calendar and commit to a reasonable posting schedule. Also, take advantage of the many apps that allow you to automate and pre-schedule posts so you never seem “absent” from your platforms.

Be Generous

Tag everyone who contributed to an event and make sure you have permission to share each image. Your network of creative partners will not only appreciate that you acknowledged their efforts – they will likely tag you in future posts to reciprocate. Together you can build an audience that seeks out and supports businesses like yours.

Whether you focus on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or another platform, applying these suggestions will help you find your social media voice and show off your personality. When you do, you can expect to attract exactly the kind of like-minded prospects you desire for your events business.