Elevating Customer Service and Event Budgets

Your customer experience has a direct impact on your company’s success, as satisfied customers are quick to refer your business and return to you if they need your service again. We move mountains to make sure our clients are happy and pleased with our creativity, design, and customer service. 

If you treat your customers well, it will elevate your reputation which will in turn. Reciprocate clients that you like to work with. Referrals are invaluable in the events industry, so start building those leads by going above and beyond for current clients. Here are a few ways to elevate customer service and make a long-lasting impact on each of your clients. 

Get to know them 

This may go without saying, but you need to know your customers truly. We make a point to get to know our clients and ask them questions about their lives and their families. Over the years, our customer service has become more personal. You need to know more about your clients to serve them better. What do they value the most? How can you meet them on that level? 

For example, we recognized that convenience was a priority for many of our clients. Knowing that we have changed our invoicing process and client portals, as well as providing access for clients to order just about anything on their smartphones. There are still some who prefer the old-fashioned way, so we accommodate them with paper invoices, and it keeps them comfortable. The customer is always right, so do what is best for them. 

Communicate thoroughly 

A large part of customer service is accessible. If you’re not returning phone calls within 24 hours, your clients will start to look elsewhere. Therefore, you must be prompt at responding to inquiries and sending out proposals. Make sure that what you do, say, and delivery is always personal and the best of your ability. In addition to digital communications, we also send a formal presentation in the mail on high-end stationery. For most customers, it’s the presentation that matters, and your delivery needs to be top-notch customer service. 

Check in often 

If you have a customer service team or even just a few employees that are client-facing, it’s important to touch bases often to keep tabs on different accounts. We have a production meeting every Tuesday, in which we all sit down and go over each event and our client’s needs. Discuss customer service experiences and look for ways that the team can improve as a whole. Meeting regularly lets you keep a thumb on the pulse, while also allowing you to track your team’s progress. 

More than anything, kindness is key. As creatives, we become a part of our clients’ lives. We are here to make those special days as perfect as possible. Our clients put trust in us to execute their vision, so we need to remain respectful and friendly at all times. 

If we hold ourselves and our staff to a higher standard, our clients will reciprocate and spread the word through family friends and loved ones. As long as everyone receives the same elevation of service, you can rest assured that you’ve done your job well.   

Oleta Collins is the owner of Flourishing Art Design Studio, a premier florist and design studio in Bakersfield, California, that specializes in luxury weddings and events. She is also a Certified Floral Designer and an accredited member of the American Institute of Floral Designers. 


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