Business Etiquette, In Case You Missed It

WeddingIQ Blog - Business Etiquette, In Case You Missed It

Anyone who reads this blog knows I’m a huge fan of Sage Wedding Pros: I read their blog religiously and even signed on as a local host of their Thursday Therapy networking concept, because I believe in it (and them) so much.  Their advice is spot-on, and is so readable and relatable.  I think any wedding business owner could benefit from their knowledge.

Last week, Kelly Simants published a fantastic three-part primer on business etiquette.  These are points that seem almost obvious at first — who among us would admit they don’t know how to conduct themselves? — but, upon further consideration, are something we could all use a refresher on from time to time.  How many times do we see one wedding vendor throw another right under the proverbial bus?  How many people show up to industry events, only to congregate in a corner with the people who are already their BFFs?  How many times do we hear fellow vendors complain that they just don’t know why that bride didn’t book?

So, with all of that in mind, I’m thrilled to promote Kelly’s sage (cough) advice:

Business 101: Sales Consultations

Business Etiquette 102: Networking Events

Business Etiquette 103: Day-Of Etiquette

Happy reading, y’all!