Apps That Will Benefit Your Clients and Your Staff

Business owners understand what it’s like to constantly pursue new ways of staying productive, streamlined, and accessible in terms of communication. Even more so, we all can remember what it was like when we first started our business and wanted to have a hand in every task – all day, every day. I know for myself (and I’m sure for many of you), I came to the conclusion that it’s impossible to shoulder all of the weight, and this is where I really began to take a look at apps and programs that could make my life easier.

So, what if I told you these apps could do the same for your team and your clients, regardless of what stage you are in your business?


I always sing the praises of this app, as it truly is the one piece of technology that removes the stress of coordinating a meeting. No more phone calls and endless texts to figure out everyone’s schedule, simply suggest dates and invitees can choose and even provide feedback. This is especially great for juggling different clients, and even employee retreats.


I would be hard-pressed to tell you how we ever survived without Basecamp. As project management software, this program helps to manage day-to-day tasks for your team in the form of master to-do lists, where you can assign a job to a specific employee, communicate internally, and more. One of the best features is having the freedom to create multiple projects, each for a separate client if you so choose.

Square Point-of-Sale

Square has become incredibly popular for small business owners, and it’s definitely a staple with our clients. Not only is it a mobile payment processing app, but the additional functions include accounting features that track income and expenses as well. Our clients are much happier with credit card payments rather than writing an old-fashioned check.

Adobe Document Cloud E-Sign Services

If you’re an industry veteran, you know how the process of getting a contract signed used to be. First, there would be an initial consultation, the client would leave with a proposal, you would wait patiently for them to respond, another meeting would be arranged, then you would have to print a physical copy of the contract for them to sign in-house. With Adobe E-Sign Services, contracts can be emailed and signed on the same day, removing all of the unnecessary steps in between.


Our team has a collaborative program called Dropbox, a cloud storage where you can store files, photos, and more. We can all access the same documents from multiple devices, and sharing images with a client or another creative partner is incredibly easy. This is especially helpful in the event that a file is too large for email, or if you’re sending photos in bulk. 

We are so lucky to have these resources at our fingertips in a day and age where efficiency and productivity reign supreme. Utilizing any one of these apps or programs will elevate your customer service, improve internal workflow, and provide peace of mind!

Kevin Dennis is the editor of WeddingIQ and the owner of Fantasy Sound Event Services, a full-service event company based in Livermore, California. Dennis is the past president for Silicon Valley NACE, and current international president for WIPA.