Announcing WeddingIQ's September Step-It-Up Challenge!

WeddingIQ Blog - Announcing WeddingIQ's September Step It Up Challenge

Everyone in the wedding industry knows early fall is a crazy time of year - weddings are in full swing in September (and were in August, too, for many of us), plus business owners with kids are also juggling back-to-school madness, and we're all transitioning out of summer vacation mode.

So of course it's the perfect time to roll out a month-long business challenge, right?

Seriously, hear us out. We know you're probably burned out. We know you've probably been saying for weeks, if not months, that you need to pull your business together and get your head back in the game. Well, we've got you covered.

We've put together a month's worth of super-easy, baby step improvements you can make to your business in September. This way, you'll be ready for the continued deluge of weddings in October as well as all of those mid-autumn wedding shows, you can chill out during the holidays, and then you'll have a tuned-up business ready to kick major ass in 2016! Pretty sweet, right?

Okay, to make it even sweeter, we've decided to incorporate it into a giveaway...and here's how it works:

  • Each weekday in the month of September, we'll post that day's challenge task to the WeddingIQ Instagram account (@wedding_iq).
  • Once you've completed the challenge for your business, simply leave a short comment on the post - "done," a smiley face or even a creative emoji - anything counts.Post likes by themselves don't count, unfortunately, since plenty of folks leave drive-by likes out of habit! Just leave a short comment so we know you did the challenge.
  • Every Friday at 4:00pm Eastern time, we'll look back at that week's posts - anyone who's left a comment on all 5 of them will be entered for that week's drawing. (We know you're busy, so you can tackle a few days' worth of challenges all at once - as long as you're done and have left comments on all of that week's posts by 4:00pm on Friday, you're eligible to win!)
  • Weekly winners get their choice of an acrylic double-walled tumbler or a large ceramic mug, in their choice of any of our 5 designs: Be Bold In Your Business, Profesh, Boss Ass Bitch, Competitors' Tears, or Accomplished as Shit. Prizes can be shipped anywhere in the continental United States (sorry, overseas fans!).
  • At the end of the month (Wednesday, September 30th at 4:00pm) we'll hold a special drawing for those folks who have completed and left comments on all of the posts for the month.
  • The big monthly winner gets his/her choice of a zip-front hoodie (men's or women's styles) or a stainless steel flask with two shot glasses, in their choice of any of the aforementioned designs. Pretty sweet, right?

Note that this giveaway is totally on the honor system - we're not double-checking your work, obviously; we're doing this to help you level up your business. Believe us, we'll be doing the same for ours! Also, it should go without saying that this post is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Instagram.

Questions? Feel free to comment on this blog post or email us directly. We hope you'll check out our Instagram tomorrow morning, as the first challenge goes live!

Let's step it up in the month of September!

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