4 Strategies to Upsell Effectively

Upselling is an art that marries psychology with sales strategies in order to elevate your client experience and boost your bottom line. By communicating the competitive uniqueness and value that you bring to the table, you can guide clients in the direction of adding on services and products that will take their celebration to the next level.

In fact, upselling boosts sales by 20 to 42 percent on average and all it takes is some simple coaching and careful positioning.

Sound like it’s worth a try? Try out some of these techniques to improve sales of add-on services and products.

Get to the point

One of the easiest and most effective upselling strategies is to simply plug in upgraded options on your proposal. Prospects are already interested in what you have to offer, so all it takes is a few sentences at the end about how you can go above and beyond their expectations. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated; in fact, it can even be as simple as showing signature drink options or an upgraded hors d’oeuvres menu. On average, one out of every four clients will jump on the offer, so it’s well worth the minimal effort of adding to your proposal.

Let your environment do the work

If your client meetings usually take place in your office, take some time to strategically place some samples of upgraded products throughout the space. Give them a tour of your place and let them discover the pieces that speak to them the most — something will likely catch their eye and pique their interest.

Likewise, displaying good quality photos that show off your upgraded services and products in action is another useful strategy. Put an iPad on loop, leave out a photo album, or hang up some framed photos behind your desk to add a discreet plug to every meeting.

Share similar client stories

Take a page out of Amazon’s book and share your own version of “customers who bought this also bought this.” Previous event experiences speak volumes and can present new ideas for clients. Start by having a few anonymous proposals on hand that shows off a full event’s order. Include some photos for an extra punch and you’ll surely see a significant rise in sales.

Show off the latest styles

As you’re browsing the latest trends and shopping for new products, don’t be afraid to shoot some ideas over to your clients and let them you know thought of them first. Not only will it show that their event is always on your mind, but they will likely be open to the suggestion of something unique and different from what’s been done in the past.   

Upselling can be mutually beneficial for both you and the client, but it’s important to tread carefully and avoid coming across as insincere. Keep your offers simple to prevent overwhelming decisions, and always know when a client really means no. The goal is to meet the client’s needs and highlight choices that will escalate their event, not to sell more stuff and make more money. Your sales efforts have to be in the genuine interest of your clients or else you risk losing your client’s respect and damaging the experience.

With nearly 30 years in the special event and catering industry, Meryl Snow is the co-founder of Feastivities Events and the creator of The Triangle Method.  As a Senior Consultant for Certified Catering Consultants, Meryl travels throughout North America training clients in the areas of sales, marketing, design and branding to help businesses get on their own path to success.


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