We're always delighted to feature guest posts and to interview wedding business owners for content on our site. If you're interested in submitting a guest post to WeddingIQ, please take a moment to review our contributor guidelines below, and feel free to email us directly with your ideas - we'll be glad to let you know if we think it's a good fit! Scroll down the page to see who's joined our contributor circle so far!

WeddingIQ Contributor Guidelines

  • The target audience for WeddingIQ is wedding business owners.  The blog is not written for, or is it marketed to, wedding couples. This is not the right platform for an article on proposal ideas, dress styles or wedding trends (except as they pertain to the operation of a wedding business).
  • Post topics should be of interest to wedding business owners, preferably in one of the following categories: marketing, operations, business relationships, the entrepreneurial mindset, client management, industry ethics, general business tips, or personal stories related to business ownership.
  • Posts should ideally be between 400-1200 words and should use gender-neutral language. We reserve the right to edit content for grammar, spelling and clarity.
  • While we are happy to link to your business website and social media in your bio, posts should not be an advertisement for your business (blatant or subtle).  This means that posts from SEO consultants and “internet marketers” will be turned away. We're looking for real content from real owners of wedding business and complementary businesses and industry experts.
  • All written content submitted to WeddingIQ should be original and not previously published on any other site.
  • Any images that are submitted should be the original property of the contributor, or should include written permission from the creator.
  • We reserve the right to decline any contributed post or image for any reason.
  • Please submit posts and/or content ideas directly via email. We are unable to accept unsolicited phone calls regarding guest posts.

WeddingIQ 2016 Content Themes

WeddingIQ structures its content around 12 monthly themes (subject to change), and requests that submissions be sent by the 24th of each month for publication the following month. Please consider submitting a post based on one of the following topics:

  • May 2016: Productivity & Self-Care (closed)
  • June 2016: Event-Day Management (closed)
  • July 2016: Marketing for Wedding Businesses
  • August 2016: Education, Skills-Building & Self-Improvement
  • September 2016: Sales & Client Service for Wedding Businesses
  • October 2016: Planning Ahead for the Off-Season & Holidays
  • November 2016: Relationships in the Wedding Industry
  • December 2016: Reflection & Goal-Setting

2017 content themes will likely be announced in November.

WeddingIQ Guest Contributors

Note: WeddingIQ respects the intellectual property rights of all creators. All written content is 100% original and is credited to the bylined author(s). Photographs are acquired legally, via royalty-free stock photography sites not requiring attribution, or are provided by WeddingIQ's co-editor and professional photographer Kyle Bergner. Exceptions are noted by an alternate photography credit in the caption, and photographs are used only by permission. Please contact us directly with any concerns regarding the text or images on this site.